Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steven Curtis Chapman is back!

I will start out this post with a question: Which artist is releasing his 18th project after 56 dove awards, and 45 #1s, not even mentioning Grammy awards? The answer is Steven Curtis Chapman. 15 months after the tragic loss of his daughter Maria, many of us wondered if he would even sing any more. The answer is yes, with "Beauty Will Rise" on November 3rd. The first song on "Beauty Will Rise" is called "Heaven is the Face", and was released to mainstream radio on August 21st. As the title implies, it is a song about how he can't wait to see his little girl in heaven. Chapman also has a video blog on Youtube. On it, he talks from the rooftop of "Maria's Big House of Hope" about how the album came together. This ministry is an orphanage and adoption center founded in China by Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth. Here you can check out Steven Curtis Chapman's video blog and you can also learn more about his album by clicking here.

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