Friday, August 28, 2009

Skillet "Awake" CD review

Skillet’s latest album entitled, “Awake” was released this past Tuesday, the 25th of August. It was the first album featuring Jen Ledger at drums/vocals. To me, this was the most anticipated release of the yea, and I loved it very much

To me, this was the best album I've yet heard from Skillet. Probably the most obvious Christian song on “Awake” was “Forgiven”. Its lyrics speak to God telling Him that we don’t know why we do what we do, and our desire to start over. The theme of “Awake” seemed to me to be a struggle not to let the devil pull you into darkness. This is why we need a “Hero”, and “Awake and Alive” shows this well. “Awake and Alive” was my favorite song on the album, allowing me to wear it out and still enjoy it. This song is similar to “Hero” in the fact that Jen Ledger sings parts of the verses and chorus. “I know what I believe/ I’m awake and I’m alive/ I’m at war with the world/ cause I ain’t never gonna sell my soul/ I’ve already made up my mind/ no matter what/ I can’t be bought or sold.” Like previous Skillet albums, a few of the songs are songs that listeners would not want to be singing in public, specifically "It's Not Me, It's You," and "Should've When You Could've." The story behind the hit song “Hero” is that we used to have people to look up to, to help us get through life, but now it seems they are gone, according to lead singer John Cooper. The other hit song on “Awake” is the song of the highly anticipated music video, “Monster”. This song tells of how the artist feels like a monster because of his sin. “My secret side I keep/ Hid under lock and key/ I keep it caged but I can’t control it/ ‘Cause if I let him out/ He’ll tear me up, break me down/ Why won’t somebody come and save me from this/ make it end.” There is also a sad song at the end of this album called, “Lucy”. In this song, John Cooper expresses regret and wishes he could begin all over again.

In summary, I think this is Skillet's best work so far, and that they are definitely climbing uphill with the arrival of Jen Ledger. Skillet is true to their pattern of mostly hard rock, while adding a few slower songs in between. Therefore, I would rate Skillet’s “Awake” a 5 star album.

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