Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Thousand Foot Krutch album!

Here we go with another double release day. First of all, Barlow girl’s album Love and War has rescheduled two weeks earlier to September 8th, 2009. There's nothing like an album coming out before expected. That same day though, Thousand Foot Krutch will be releasing their fourth studio project, "Welcome to the Masquerade". It is this album that features both the radio hit, "Forward Motion" and "Bring Me to Life". Thousand Foot Krutch says that "Forward Motion" is a song about accomplishing good by all working together. "Bring Me to Life" can be downloaded for free as mentioned in an earlier post. Also of note on this new project, is the song "Fire it Up" which was featured on the trailer for the #1 video at the Box Office this weekend, "GI Joes". There is also more great news for TFK fans. First of all, lead singer Trevor is recovering great from his surgery, and will be touring again soon. Also, on September 8th, they will be releasing Dèjá vu: The TFK Anthology. This will include all of their previous songs from Phenomenon, The Art of Breaking, and the Flame in All of Us. It will be available from Bec Recordings for $18.99.

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