Saturday, August 8, 2009

MercyMe fatal traffic accident

Earlier this morning, MercyMe was involved in a fatal car accident. As their tour bus was headed through a green light, a car abruptly turned east and collided with the bus. None of the band members were injured, but two of the three in the car were killed. The third person, the driver, was a young pregnant female, who later gave birth to a stillborn child. She is in critical condition. Shortly after the accident, before many details were known, lead singer Bart Millard wrote on Twitter, “Car just hit our tour bus. We are ok, but 2 of the 3 in the car did not make it. The one that did is pregnant. Please start praying"...and later... "Can’t sleep. Officers left to notify families of their loss. My heart aches. Girl driving is 35 wks pregnant. Both are stable.” To read more about this, click here to read this article.

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