Monday, August 17, 2009

Echoing Angels crazy news

Yep! Recently, I was checking to see the status of Echoing Angels (the ones who had the single "You Alone"). I was surprised by what I saw. You Alone [*grins*] will have to decided if this is even the same band!

Here are the ones who used to be in the band:
Josh Armour... Bass (til 2008)
Jared Lee... Guitar (til 2008)
Chris Peevy... Lead Vocals (til 2007)

Here's the New Echoing Angels. What a change!

Trey Heffinger-Vocals…
Jon Poole- Drums…
Shannon Cochran-Guitar...

There are only two original members (far left and center). The big deal is that the leader singer, Chris Peevy left the band first. I can't wait for new Echoing Angels music to come out so I can decide if I still like them (Ed's Note: 09/16/11 -- I do very much!!). Echoing Angels is still touring, and they are constantly updating their myspace page. Visit it, if you'd like, here. When I find some more information I will be sure to post it.


  1. Hello, again, Jay! I have a question; would you like to write a review on the Newsboys album In the Hands of God? I would like to learn more.

  2. Hi Injane,
    I don't yet have this album, but it's definitely on my list of albums to get and review.
    Thanks for commenting!


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