Thursday, July 23, 2009

Avalon: The Greatest Hits Review

The 2009 Sparrow Recording, Avalon: The Greatest Hits is the latest release from Avalon. In addition to being a best-hits collection, this is also the last CD that features Melissa Greene. Songs like, "Testify to Love", "Knockin' On Heaven's Door", "I Don't Want to Go," and "Orphans of God" encourage singing along. I was impressed with the brand new recording, "Still My God". This song features Avalon's new male vocalist, Jeremi Richardson (whose wife Amy recently replaced Melissa). The words to Still My God are so real, powerful, and worshipful. The chorus lyrics are so inspiring:

"If I'm standing on the mountain
Or drowning in the sea
If I am filled with hope
Or crying out for mercy
If I'm singing hallelujah
Or scared to make a sound
When I am learning how to walk
Or when I'm falling down
I'm saying
You are still My God"

Of all the hits, the song, "Orphans of God" (found on the Sparrow release Stand) is a newer highlight that really speaks to the heart saying, "So many fallen, but hallelujah, there are no orphans of God." The song reveals that we are all undeserving of the love of God- how He still loves us even when we mess up.

This CD excellent, and I recommend it to any contemporary Christian music fan. Even if you already have all of Avalon's CDs, you can't go wrong with the phenomenal new hit "Still My God"!

Rating: 5/5
Release date: February 10, 2009

Track listing:
1. Testify to Love
2. Give It Up
3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
4. Still My God
5. Take You At Your Word
6. Can't Live a Day
7. The Glory
8. Wonder Why
9. Adonai
10. New Day
11. Everything to Me
12. I Don't Want to Go
13. All
14. You Were There
15. Orphans of God
16. In Christ Alone

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