Monday, July 27, 2009

"Innocence and Instinct" Review

The alternative rock band is back with their second release, “Innocence and Instinct.” During the success of "End of Silence," Red suffered a severe traffic accident when their RV collided with other vehicles traveling along the highway. Amazingly, no one was hurt. This accident shaped the intensity of their second record. Red’s haunting lyrics are mixed with a story of our flesh versus our spirit. “Death of Me” is the second song on the record: “You tear me down and then you pick me up/ you take it all and still it’s not enough/ you try to tell me you can heal me/ but I’m still bleeding/ and you will be the death of me.” The Deluxe edition features fourteen songs (three bonus songs), which are, “Overtake You,” “Forever,” and “Nothing and Everything.” The latter, “Nothing and Everything,” seems to be the forefront of the deluxe edition featuring Bernie Herms on the piano, and sums up the entire CD excellently. The Deluxe edition also features a bonus DVD, featuring the “Death of Me,” music video, “The Making of ‘Innocence and Instinct’ Documentary,” and a photo gallery.

This album had everything I loved from “End of Silence” and more. This reviewer would like to rate this excellent CD 5 of 5.

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